Friday, 29 November 2013

I'm fine thankyou

Salam hi guess :/

what ways must i start yaaa hm. argh im not strong God pls pls give me a strenght
why all of this been on ma life. okay i know this is test from God yaa i know and i should.
yaaa i deserve for this and all this um.

maybe its is not important things for yoalls but me?
as you know i love him so much. and at least i tried to forget him yaa i tried
and sometimes he always in ma mind. i dont know why and i wont its become.
 i wasn't going to cry but the tears were broke down at last hmm
then like usuall hm i wake up in the morning and alhamdulillah im still breath and stay alive
*praise to Allah
last month before school holiday and de last school argh shit happened been. and its so argh argh i cannot explain but i was argh whatever
long time i didnt have any relay with him and someone have told to ma teachers about me and he
and i haaaaa wtf?! i and him nothing at all la. kenapa dgn korang ni dengki sangat haaaaa?!
pastu kecoh satu bilik guru tu. im so lucky, a few teachers were backup me and sometimes "perli"
deyy sekolah sman tu kecik jelah. if satu cite masuk hmm mmg senang ah tahu
mmg kene carefully act.
and for ur information i and him not so serious bc i do not like like that and i know i still student and being student okayyy i know batas batas. cikgu sume ajar 

mak and abah D: i so so sorry for let you down
aini buat mak abah kecewa sume tu but aini taknak buat mak abah mcm ni hmm
aini mmg careless aini mmg sume lah. aini bukan anak yang baik hmm
but i want to be a good daughter and well being
and i'll change start from now mom dad bc i love you so so much to the moon and stars and to the london and the paris heh. sorry for all this that have make you down, mom dad
and i love you Allah

to you for read this um thanks for everythings okay *him
okay thanks for all of ur every treats to me. i appreciate that and i wont forget that.
and i'll always pray the best only for you.
oh yaaa do your best for spm next year. sorry for everythings too

for you friend haha yaa bff yeh thanks from ma big heart to you
thanks for always sharing story even its were sad happy and so on
yaaaa i enjoy heard your story act hah you know. and best ever
thanks for being listener of me heh. you are the good listener yaaaaa and you lah haha
insyaAllah our friendship never broke down okay.
ukhuwah fillah abadan abada :)

thanks to Allah bc im still alive and still stand up on this world
thanks for the family that i love so much God and i'll take care of them
and all my teachers friends and yoalls okay :)
i love yoalls so much and never stop loving heh

hey aini be strong okay i know you can doi it yay yay. next year PBSMR oh no whts that
hmm do your best. study smart and study hard okay yaw
mak abah doakan aini berjaya dunia dan akhirat tau amin :')

okay stop here. thanks again and again
sorry for leaving this blog so long time and journey ceh hahahah okay
salam bye

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